We are pleased to welcome Mark Haseltine to the edX team.

Mark joins edX from the domain name aftermarket division of GoDaddy. Previously, Mark served as CTO of NameMedia and VP of Engineering for several organizations, including Gerson Lehrman Group, AltaVista and Context Media.

Mark’s experience using open-source technology to solve real problems every day will help edX continue to grow our open-source platform and our engineering organization as we work to transform the future of education.

Read on to learn more about Mark, his work at edX and his interests both in Edtech and beyond.

Mark Haseltine

What are you most excited to work on at edX? What challenges and opportunities are you eager to explore? 

Mark Haseltine: I’m most excited by the potential of using the latest technology to achieve our mission to create the world’s leading learning destination site and platform. At edX, we have the opportunity to apply the latest technological advances to meet the expanding needs of our increasingly diverse learners and members, which is very exciting.

Personally I’m eager to explore the potential of our open-source project, Open edX. I’m looking forward to working with the community of talented software developers from around the world to advance our shared vision. The open-source community will also help us work toward our shared goal much more quickly and collaboratively. Harnessing the power of an open-source approach is both a tremendous opportunity and a significant challenge to get right. I’m eager to take on this challenge.

How do you see engineering advancing the edX mission to increase access to education for everyone, everywhere?

Mark Haseltine: Engineering is essential to everything we do here at edX. We work closely with our partners on creative problem solving approaches to achieve our mission both on edX.org and with our collaborations across the globe.

As engineers, we must deliver a high-quality solution that meets the varied needs of a rapidly expanding learner base. Our team is faced with difficult challenges of accessibility, scale and performance while supporting the rapid innovation that is required to remain relevant in the online learning space. At the same time, we must balance the needs of a vibrant and engaged open-source community that depends on us. At edX, we are doing things no one has ever done before with engineering at the very heart it. It is an absolute privilege to be leading the team here.

What are some of your interests and passions outside of work?

Mark Haseltine: I have two 5-year-old daughters at home who keep me very busy outside of work. I love to spend most of my spare time with them. I’ve also managed to find time to train for the 2015 Boston Marathon this year. I am running on behalf of the Boston Museum of Science in support of their Traveling Programs. Running the marathon has been a personal goal for a long time. I’m proud to be doing it for such a worthy organization.

Welcome, Mark! We are excited to have you on the edX team.

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