We are planning an Open edX virtual conference this year! The conference is scheduled to take place in the beginning of June. We have surveyed the community regarding the overall structure and themes of the conference. The high volume of responses embedded in the data below, confirms the importance of having an Open edX conference this year and the value that it would bring to the open source community. Even though we are unable to connect with you all in person this year, we are excited about the opportunity to connect with everyone virtually!

Results related to the overall structure of the Open edX virtual conference: 

Results related to the overall theme interests of the Open edX virtual conference: (scale rating from 1-5; 1 indicating low interest and 5 indicating very strong interest):

We’d like to thank everyone who has participated in taking the Open edX 2021 Online Conference Community Survey. The feedback provided will allow us to structure the upcoming event accordingly. 

Stay tuned for more information regarding the 2021 Open edX virtual conference, including conference schedules, keynote speaker/s information, interactive session guides, and much more! 

We look forward to your participation! 

If you’d like to provide additional feedback, please connect with us on Discourse or Slack