The voting for the 2023 elections have concluded! The 3 members who will represent the community at the project’s governing body, the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC), have been elected and are listed below:

Congratulations to Xavier Antoviaque, Samuel Paccoud & Stefania Trabucchi! They will join the TOC on January 1st 2023, and serve until the end of the year.

Per the TOC Community Elections Charter, candidates were chosen via the ranked choice voting system.  Candidates are eligible to represent one of three community constituencies, Operators and Core Contributors, Instructors, and Learners.

There were two ballots this year.  From the first, the Operators and Core Contributors representative was chosen by Core Contributors and Project Maintainers.  From the second, two representatives were chosen by Instructors using the Open edX platform to represent Instructors and Learners.

This year a candidate was chosen first on the ballot for Operators and Core Contributors and second on the ballot for Instructors.  As any one person can only hold one seat on the TOC, this seat passed to the third place candidate on the Instructors ballot.

And thanks to all the participants in the election, especially the candidates, voters and those who have relayed the calls to register to vote.

Feedback needed!

Since it is the first election in the community, it’s also a good opportunity to figure out what worked and what didn’t, to be able to improve the process for the next round. Please post any comments in the discuss forum.