The Voter registration for the 2024 Open edX Community TOC election is now open! The registration is open until September 29th, and the election will be held in October, 2023.

The community is called to elect three members of the core decision-making body for the Open edX project – the Technical Oversight Committee (TOC). The three elected community representatives will join the TOC for the 2024 term, along with three members from Axim Collaborative and three members from 2U. You can view the current TOC member list here. 

Everyone who uses or contributes to Open edX is eligible to vote. Voters are split in three groups, each of them electing their own representative at the TOC:

  • Active Core Contributors and Maintainers: all active Core Contributors & Maintainers
  • Instructors using the Open edX platform to publish a course: any individual producing or running a currently active course on the Open edX platform, including Teaching Assistants (TAs) and course content authors
  • Users & learners of the Open edX platform: everyone using the Open edX platform in any capacity 

Only instructors & users/learners are required to register at this time. Core Contributors and Maintainers are already pre-registered, due their status as such, and will receive ballots directly via email. However, if you are an instructor and/or user of the Open edX platform, please register here.

The three elected community representatives should focus their mission on representing the Open edX community as a whole, and will be classified within the following categories:

  • Operator & Core Community Representative – elected by the project’s Core Contributors and Maintainers
  • Instructor Representative – elected by all individuals producing or running an active course on the Open edX platform
  • User/Learner Representative – elected by everyone using the Open edX platform in any capacity

Become a 2024 TOC Candidate:

If you would like to self nominate as a candidate, or if you would like to nominate a candidate, please visit our discourse forum thread to post your candidate nomination. 

Note: in order to qualify for becoming a TOC member, you must be an Open edX Core Contributor. If you are not a core contributor yet, you will need to pass the core contributor review process, which takes about two weeks. In order to complete the review process on time for the next election, you will need to submit your candidature for the Core Contributor Program by September 15th, 2023. 

Help Us Reach Out to Eligible Voters!

We need the entire community’s help to let all eligible voters know that they can vote. If you know any instructors, users, and/or learners of the Open edX platform, please help spread the word of the 2024 TOC election! 

Learn More

For more details about the election, see the TOC Community Election Charter.