A change is coming to the learner experience next week! This change affects the names and order of two pages in the learning management system (LMS), and its goal is to help learners navigate through your courses more easily.

First, the name of the current Courseware page is changing to Course, and the name of the Course Info page is changing to Home

The Course page will contain the same content as the former Courseware page. Only the name is changing. 

The new Home page will still contain course updates and handouts, and will continue to be the page that opens when learners access courses. In addition, the Home page will list important course dates, such as exam dates.

Second, we’re switching the order of these two pages in the LMS so that the Home page will be located to the left of the Course page. The following image shows this change.

The current LMS page showing the Courseware and Course Info tabs followed by the upcoming LMS page showing the Home and Course tabs

We hope that this order will indicate more clearly to learners that they should move to the Course page after your course opens to the Home page. Learners can also select Resume Course in the upper right corner of the Home page to return to the last unit they accessed.

Some courses contain instructions that specifically direct users to the Courseware or Course Info pages. If your course has similar instructions, we recommend that you update them to prevent learner confusion.

Note: If you are using a version of the edX platform in a right-to-left language, such as Arabic or Hebrew, the Home page will be located to the right of the Course page.