As part of an effort to improve the visibility of XSeries Programs within the learning experience, we are working on a new area of the learner dashboard that will convey learner progress toward programs.

XSeries Programs Today
Today, learners enrolled in any course that is a part of an XSeries Program see a message that links to the page for that XSeries Program, where learners can find more information about the XSeries and its courses.

In addition to these association messages, we now include information about any XSeries certificate that the learner has earned in the right pane on the dashboard.

Note: Some learners have completed an XSeries Program but have not yet received an XSeries certificate. We are working to issue certificates to these learners as quickly as possible.

Coming Soon: Programs Page
In a little over a week, edX will change the learner dashboard to make XSeries Programs more visible: Instead of just one page, the dashboard will have a default Courses page that resembles the current dashboard, and will also have a Programs page that  provides learners with easy access to information about their XSeries Programs. If learners are enrolled in any course that is part of an XSeries Program, they will see the XSeries Program listed on this page. Each program will include colored bars to show learners’ progress through that XSeries Program. Learners can then click the XSeries Program to go to the information page for that Program, where they can then enroll in additional Program courses. Any XSeries certificates that learners have earned will be visible in the right pane.

Learners who are not enrolled in any courses that are a part of an XSeries Program will see a message in the body of the page that encourages them to view current XSeries Programs. An additional message in the right pane will direct learners to explore new XSeries Programs. If learners have earned any XSeries certificates, those certificates will be visible in the right pane.

Future: Program Progress Details and Direct Enrollment
Future updates to the new Programs page will add a view that will enable learners to enroll directly in a specific course run and see all courses for an XSeries Program at a glance. We look forward to developing these new features!