Market conditions and business priorities require all companies to continually evaluate where to invest their time, money and resources. You may have heard that 2U had to make some difficult decisions over the last few weeks, reducing staff in some key areas. While these decisions will impact how we contribute to the Open edX project, I want to stress that we remain 100% committed to the Open edX project and will continue to be active contributors.

We also acknowledge that 2U’s current footprint represents a problem for the long term success of the project and fully believe that our work with Axim and the community will build a broad-based foundation to ensure the sustainability of the project. Indeed, while resourcing was a consideration, this is the natural evolution of the Open edX Project to become more sustainable.

With these upcoming changes, we set out with some goals in mind:

  • Reduce our maintainership footprint to a more sustainable level, allowing us to be better maintainers of fewer repos.
  • Determine a strategy of shared maintainership for the many django-apps that make up the monolith, edx-platform. 
  • Develop a deployment plan that allows us to minimize the distance of from openedx/master, while protecting 2U business continuity.

So what does this look like in practice? We are still working out all of the details but we hope to see and expect:

  • More repositories will be maintained by core-contributors outside of 2U.
  • A shared maintainership model for the monolith.
  • will continue to run on the Open edX platform, although there may be short periods where we are behind openedx/master. We recognize there is broad value in the platform being deployed on such a large instance.

To make this successful, and for the ongoing success of the platform we need your help. Help by getting involved. Help by becoming a Core Contributor. Join a working group. The platform is better because of all of us, together.