EdX has just released the newest version of the edX platform on edx.org and edX Edge.

This release includes the following updates.

  • The accessibility of the course Progress page has been improved for learners who use screen readers. This page now has a logical and meaningful HTML structure, and heading levels and indentation are now consistently applied.
  • Course team members who use the bulk email feature can now review details for the messages they send. Previously, an error prevented the message from opening as expected. For more information, see Review Sent Messages in Building and Running an edX Course or Review Sent Messages in Building and Running an Open edX Course.
  • When you view your course as a student, any custom pages that you defined as hidden from students no longer appear in the LMS. For more information, see Adding Custom Pages in Building and Running an edX Course or Adding Custom Pages in Building and Running an Open edX Course.

For more information about these and other changes in this release, see the edX Release Notes. You can access the weekly release notes, as well as all of the edX documentation, at docs.edx.org.