EdX has just released the newest version of the edX platform on edx.org and edX Edge.

This release includes the following updates.

  • In Insights, the Daily Student Enrollment chart and the Enrollment Over Time report now include separate counts for each of the enrollment options for your course—including audit, verified, verified with credit, and professional. Courses that ended before December 2015 might include honor track enrollments. For more information, see Enrollment Activity in Using edX Insights.

  • When a course team member views the course as staff in the LMS, subsections that have prerequisites now feature a banner that serves as a reminder that learners cannot access the subsection until they complete the prerequisites.

​For more information about the changes in this release, see the edX Release Notes. You can access the weekly release notes, as well as all of the edX documentation, at docs.edx.org.