EdX has just released the newest version of the edX platform on edx.org and edX Edge.

This release includes the following updates.

  • Course teams can now hide the contents of a subsection after the subsection’s due date has passed without affecting earned grades. Subsections that are hidden in this way remain in the course navigation, but after the subsection due date, learners cannot access the content. For more information, see Hide a Subsection from Learners in Building and Running an edX Course or Hide a Subsection from Learners in Building and Running an Open edX Course.

  • Learners can now specify their local time zones in their account settings. If a learner sets a time zone, that learner sees all course dates and times displayed in the specified time zone rather than in UTC. In Studio, course teams continue to set dates in UTC.

  • Program cards on the learner dashboard’s Programs page now link to program details pages. On these new pages, learners will be able to view more information about a specific program, enroll in program courses, view any certificates that they have earned, and view their progress through the program.

​For more information about the changes in this release, see the edX Release Notes. You can access the weekly release notes, as well as all of the edX documentation, at docs.edx.org.