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Two years ago, we took our platform and released it to the world under the AGPL. Not only could anyone install, setup, and use the same software that powers, they could also develop, change, modify, and share it with anyone (and everyone) else.

The past two years have been exciting. We have worked with amazing individuals, institutions, and organizations on six of the seven continents (if you’re in Antarctica, let’s talk!). People are teaching, learning, sharing, and developing in fourteen languages, with about 120 sites powered by Open edX that we know about. There have been thousands of commits and 220 contributors to the edx-platform github repo.

You can see the hard work of these contributors on their own sites. You can also look at to see what we have created as a community of designers, developers, educators, organizers, translaters, writers, and enthusiasts.

We have learned so much from everyone in the community over the past two years. We have met hundreds of edXers, and look forward to meeting as many more of you as we can! If you want to join the community, check out our pages on contributing, or join the mailing list.

Thank you for making the Open edX community what it is. We’re looking forward to seeing what year three brings!