The Open edX Project has come a long way. Today, the platform powers learning for tens of millions of users around the world, across many industries. We’re excited about what the next chapter of the Open edX Project is going to look like and we need your help with that. 

We would love to learn about how you use the Open edX Platform. We have a few questions for you to help us figure out:

• What features to build next
• How we can make it better for you AND your users
• How we can support you better

Your answers will be extremely valuable in helping us plan the next chapter of the Open edX Platform. The survey will take less than two minutes.

Who should fill out this survey?

If your organization uses or has used the Open edX platform in the past to deliver online learning or training, we want to hear from you. Ideally, we would like to hear from multiple people from the same organization (developers, managers, educators, course authors, instructional designers, etc.) so that we can better understand the individual perspectives. You can also help us by sharing this survey with other members of your organization.


This survey is an initiative of the Open edX Product Working Group. The working group is responsible for providing product leadership for the Open edX ecosystem and helping define the product vision, the core product offering, and the product operating model for the Open edX platform.