Earlier this year, we began discovery work on the possibility of integrating the Open edX platform directly with a 3rd party ecommerce platform that we would not need to maintain. The big catalysts for this project were the deprecation of the ecommerce repo, and the need for a replacement that would be accessible across technical capabilities. We wanted to find out if a simple implementation could not only work for smaller deployments, but that would also complement commerce-coordinator for larger deployments.

We’re happy to announce that we just successfully completed a funded contribution project with eduNEXT to integrate WooCommerce as an e-commerce service, through which courses can be sold. The integration helps to streamline workflows and provide capabilities such as:

  • Ability to create Open edX course products
  • Ability to buy an Open edX course, which will start an enrollment with a seat in a specific course run
  • Refunding an Open edX course, which will cause a soft unenrollment (is_active=False)
  • Checking the status of an enrollment
  • If you are using a Quince platform, you can also create enrollment allowed

See a demo of the plugin here: https://youtu.be/TuDT-qwQdyE!

If you’re interested in the WooCommerce integration, you can now activate this plugin in your WordPress site and connect your Open edX instance with your WordPress! Additional documentation can be found here.

This integration can serve as a model for integrating with other ecommerce platforms in a standard and supportable way. For further details on the project work itself, you can check out: