If you are an instructor, or contribute to running a course on any instance of Open edX, these are the last days to register to vote! The voter registration and candidatures nominations are closing on Friday, Sep 30th

If you know any instructor or contributor to an Open edX course, please tell them to register to vote! It’s important to let eligible voters know about their rights – so please republish the news on your own Open edX instance’s blog and social network channels.

Thank you to the following contributors and instances of Open edX who have relayed it:

  • edX/2U (September Partner newsletter)  
  • Construct Education (social media campaign)
  • eduNEXT (blog)
  • VTeam Labs (email campaign- internal contacts) 
  • ABC Online Courses (email campaign- internal contacts) 
  • ReadSpeaker (email campaign- internal contacts) 
  • MOOCit (email campaign- internal contacts) 
  • DataArt (email campaign- internal contacts) 
  • KNS IT Group (email campaign- internal contacts) 
  • Ledgea Systems (email campaign- internal contacts) 
  • Esme (email campaign- internal contacts)
  • Abstract (tweet, post)
  • OpenCraft (blog post)
  • MIT (email campaign – internal contacts)
  • ABC Online Courses (email campaign – internal contacts)

If you have relayed the news but don’t appear in the list yet, let us know! We’ll thank everyone who has published the news publicly in the next announcement on October 7th, when the vote itself starts, and the final list of candidates and voters is published.

For more information about the election, see the previous announcement.