The Open edX Marketing Working Group is comprised of various Open edX community members and Open edX Marketplace Providers, who collaborate on national and international marketing objectives, digital marketing campaigns, website optimization, SEO, blog content, events, and many other marketing initiatives, to increase the global visibility of the Open edX platform.


The Open edX Marketing Working group meets every other Wednesday, between 10 AM and 11 AM (EDT) to review ongoing agenda items and track progress on ongoing marketing initiatives. The group has finalized the Open edX Features List and Extension Matrix and is currently strategizing on the marketing objectives for 2022, optimizing the Open edX Marketplace, creating a Wikipedia listing, and planning the next Open edX conference. 


The members of the Marketing Working group include employees of the Open edX Partner Network, such as OpenCraft, eduNEXT, Edly, and Raccoon Gang, as well as Verified Providers, such as Abstract Technology, Aulasneo, and Graspway, and newly joined Marketplace Providers, such as EDU-Werkstatt and KNS IT Group, among others. 

Meet the Community Video Series:

Find a brief introduction of the Marketing Working Group members on our YouTube channel, as well as the links below: 

Meet Esteban Etcheverry, Founder and CEO of Aulasneo

Meet Nicole Kessler, Media Expert & Project Manager at Abstract Technology

Meet Silvia Mariscal, Communications & Digital Marketing Specialist at Graspway

Meet Gabriel D’Amours, Administrative Specialist at OpenCraft

Meet Hannes Geldenhuys, Founder & CEO of Hubble Studios

Meet Juan Camilo Montoya, Co-Founder & CEO of eduNEXT

Meet Andreas Grähn, Co-Founder and CEO of EDU-Werkstatt

Join the Group:

The Open edX Marketing Working Group is always open to seeking new members, who are interested in sharing innovative marketing ideas, within a collaborative forum, to support the overall marketing objectives of the Open edX project. To get involved, join us on Slack at #marketing and/or Trello.