Nutmeg is the latest Open edX named release, debuting on June 9th, 2022. In this post we’re highlighting an exciting new feature focused on learner engagement.

The Product Tour feature is part of a broader initiative to introduce and orient new learners to course navigation. This feature is an LMS-based guided tour delivering in-context information to learners, and is a companion feature to Course Goal Setting (which you can read more about here).

The Product Tour is an optional, learner-controlled experience. The Tour introduces learners to the course layout, with the goal of getting them to the finish line by accelerating their time to learning, and increasing their course engagement after enrollment.

The feature launches automatically for new learners upon their first course visit, though is optional to complete, and can be dismissed and relaunched at any time by accessing it via the Course Tools. The Tour is also accessible to existing learners and mobile learners!

Product Tour Highlights

  • Tour auto-launches on course home for new users, but is optional to complete
  • Tour can be dismissed and relaunched at any time via Course Tools
  • Available for existing learners
  • Allows quick navigation to course content
  • Prompts goal-setting and highlights important dates
  • Provides context for course tabs and in-course navigation
  • Encourages upgrade for audit learners
  • Available for mobile learners

Evaluating Impact

edX implemented the Product Tour feature earlier this year, and while they are still continuing to monitor the full impact, they have already discovered that learners who select a goal (as the Tour prompts learners to set goals) are twice as likely to be engaged, and twice as likely to complete the course than those who do not. 

Upgrading to Nutmeg can give you access to the Product Tour, as well as the benefit of these other features and enhancements.