Happy October to our Open edX community! We’re excited to share what we’ve been up to over the past month, and we hope you’ll enjoy these updates too.

Improvements for Learners

At-your-fingertips help has arrived in the LMS! At the top of every page, including the learner dashboard, learners can select Help and instantly access the Open edX Learner’s Guide. We hope that learners can now easily find answers to their questions!

Other improvements for learners include updates to the password reset process and an assortment of accessibility updates. For learners who need to reset their passwords, instructions and error messages now keep them informed along the way. Meanwhile, among our accessibility updates are improved video player controls that make downloading videos, transcripts, and handouts easier, as well as improvements to controls and the list of topics in course discussions. For learners who use screen readers or keyboards only, we’ve updated core CAPA problems (which include problem types such as checkbox and text input) to make identifying and responding to these problems easier. We’ve also updated drag and drop problems so that items don’t overlap after they’ve been dragged. 

Improvements for Course Authors

We’ve continued our work on both drag and drop and core CAPA problems over the past month, making them more accessible and easier for course teams to use. For drag and drop problems, you can now add hints for learners who answer the problem incorrectly. For core CAPA problems, we’ve added formatting options that help you separate questions, descriptions, and responses in individual problems, and that allow you to more easily separate multiple questions inside one problem component. For more information, see the Upcoming Markdown and OLX Changes for CAPA Problems post from a few weeks ago, or check out Updates to CAPA Problem Types in the September 5 release notes.

Coming Soon

We’re currently hard at work improving the way learners move through your course! We’re making visual and other changes that will help learners to stay oriented and focused on your course content. These changes are scheduled for this month and next. For more information, see Coming Soon: Course Navigation Changes.