Thank you to everyone who sponsored, spoke, organized, volunteered, led, traveled and attended the 2016 Open edX conference! With over 230 attendees, it was far and away our most successful conference to date and reflected the vibrancy of our growing community.

We talked about the impact of measurement on higher education and the challenges of growing a community from early adopters to a much broader audience. We learned how to write XBlocks and what makes great video. We dove deep into the technical inner workings of the Open edX platform and shared tips and techniques for making the most compelling and effective courses. There was sun and a surprising chill for California in June! 

We were joined by friends from South Africa, Australia, Japan, Colombia, Russia, France, Israel, and 20 more countries, from over 80 organizations. Thank you to all of you for providing your detailed feedback on the product and project. We’re excited to continue working with all of you to improve!

Chocoloate cupcakes with blue, pink and silver frosting, in colorful striped cupsIt was the third anniversary of releasing the code that powers and creating the Open edX project! It was so appropriate that we were at Stanford University, one of the key partners in our effort to open source the code and make the project as successful as it is today, with over 250 Open edX sites hosting over 3700 courses. We celebrated with cupcakes!

We learned about the incredible ways in which people are using the platform, including hosting over 300 microsites at a time! We talked about the future, what features will support corporate use cases, how to enable adaptive techniques through technology, and how we can make the platform more customizable and API-driven to support the creative experiments you all are undertaking.

We’ve compiled a set of photos on Flickr from the event to help you experience (or relive the experience) of attending this year’s conference. We’ve also collected presentations and posted recordings of all the talks. We didn’t record tutorials, unfortunately, but we will consider that for the future.

So, thank you all again, and we look forward to seeing you in Madrid at Universidad Carlos III Madrid, in May 2017!

Open edX Conference 2016, Stanford University