We are opening the call for proposals for Open edX Con 2016: Education Shared!

This year, the conference will be June 14-15th at Stanford University in California, followed by Hands-on Days June 16-17th.

The Open edX platform is a leading online teaching and learning platform, powering edX.org and education initiatives from institutions (including the Indian Institute of Technology, Peking University, and Stanford University), and country partners (including France, via France Universite Numerique, and Russia, at openedu.ru). It is made, run, and supported by a global community, and used by more than 11 million learners.

We welcome you to submit a session proposal for Open edX Con 2016! Submissions will be accepted through March 1st.

Session Proposals

We are accepting proposals for two kinds of talks: 40-minute sessions and 5-minute lightning talks. If you are interested in organizing a panel rather than giving a 40-minute talk or lightning talk, please contact oscm@edx.org with the subject “Open edX Con CFP.”

After the two-day conference, we will have two Hands-on Days, for workshops, tutorials, and the hackathon. Workshops and tutorials will be in 90 minute blocks. Sessions for Hands-on Days can request more than one 90 minute block. Please note this in your proposal.

Concurrent to workshops and tutorials will be the Open edX Hackathon. The hackathon is a chance for the Open edX community to work with their online collaborators in the same room. For two days, people will work on new projects and continue ongoing ones. Read about last year’s hackathon on the organizing page, or check out this year’s!


This year we will be using tracks during the proposal process. When writing your proposal for a 40-minute session or workshop, please select from the following tracks:


Large amounts of data are created by students and instructors every day. How can you process this and what can you do with it?

Course Authoring

The Open edX platform is being used to teach a wide range of topics, from chemistry to financial responsibility to corporate operations. Instructors and content creators are using different methods, tricks, and procedures to create the materials they need. Share your methods, tips, and tricks for creating content for the Open edX platform.

Extending and Developing the Platform

What are you developing for the Open edX platform? Tell us about your XBlocks and features.

Innovative Courses and Implementations

Introduce your installation to the community! How are you changing education or your organization with the platform?

Operations & Development

There are different ways to set up, run, and support the Open edX platform. Share your innovations, experiences, successes, and failures.

Technical Deep Dives

Technical Deep Dives provide an opportunity for speakers to share the more technical aspects of their work.


Everything else that doesn’t quite fit in the other tracks – we’d still love to hear about it!

Please direct any questions to oscm@edx.org.