We’re looking forward to the 2023 Open edX conference, happening from Tuesday, March 28th through Friday, March 31st. We’d love to share with you what we’re planning for each day of the conference, starting with Tuesday’s schedule. On Tuesday, look forward to spending time in tutorial sessions as well as discussing any topic you want in a Birds of a Feather session. Tutorials and Birds of a Feather sessions will not be recorded. Read on for more!

Tutorial Sessions

This year the conference will feature a selection of 90-minute tutorials. These sessions are great for learning about a topic in more depth than a 45-minute talk can provide. Tutorials are often hands-on and interactive; you can expect to spend time in a tutorial really learning a topic.

Tutorials from the 2022 Open edX conference covered both technical and non-technical topics, such as:

  • How to use Open Response Assessments in Your Course, where participants interested in how to use ORA in their course learned how to setup and administer ORAs for high-quality courses. As part of a hands-on experience, participants designed and used ORA themselves.
  • Tutor dev quickstart, where lead Tutor developers guided participants through setup of a Tutor development environment and discussed how Tutor worked – and how to best use it.
  • Create a course catalog in 90 minutes, a tutorial where the team at FUN-MOOC helped participants build their own course catalog with Richie from scratch, including bootstrapping a project, customizing a site, and adding/managing course information and interconnection with Open edX.

Birds of a Feather

“Birds of a Feather” is a term commonly used at technical conferences to describe unstructured time where conference attendees propose topics they’d like to discuss and other attendees gather around those topics for meaningful conversation. For example, at the 2022 conference attendees proposed topics such as “Open edX Governance”, “Instructional Design”, and “Code Security”. “ People who were interested in one of these topics gathered together at a table with like-minded attendees and had the chance to dive into a topic together. Many rousing conversations were had – and many “TO DO” items were generated! The hardest part about Birds of a Feather often is picking which of many interesting topics to talk about.
We’re looking forward to shared learnings and conversations with you at the 2023 Open edX Conference. Register for your ticket today!