The Open edX project will be introducing some exciting changes to increase the formality and inclusivity of project governance.

As you already know, stewardship of the Open edX project is moving from edX to Axim Collaborative, a nonprofit organization led by MIT and Harvard University.

As part of this transition, we are introducing a new governance structure to the project.  We will be forming a Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) for the project.  That committee will be responsible for governing the overall technical direction and stewardship of the Open edX project.

The TOC will have nine members, three from Axim Collaborative, three from edX/2U, and three from members of the worldwide Open edX community.

With this change, the broader community will have direct input into project governance for the first time.

Axim Collaborative and edX/2U have already appointed their members — we will share those details in a separate post.  

The initial slate of TOC community members will be selected by unanimous decision of the members designated by the Axim Collaborative and edX/2U.  

In subsequent years, community members will be elected from the community via a process that the TOC will establish. 

The TOC itself was established and is governed by a formal charter.  You can read the full document here.

We will be moving to identify and select the community members of the TOC as quickly as practical.