We know you’ve been waiting for it, and we’re happy to announce that the first beta release of Hawthorn is now available. “open-release/hawthorn.beta1” is the branch name. It is based on the master branches as of April 18.

Quick Start

Start with the instructions for native installation on Ubuntu 16.04 (latest Ubuntu LTS). 
And as always, if you want to live on the bleeding edge on the master branch, you’re always welcome to install the Docker Devstack. (Note: at this time, there’s no easy way to use the Hawthorn beta with Docker Devstack – but we always welcome contributions!)

The Hawthorn Release

We’re doing this a little differently than previous releases. This is not a release candidate: we have not made the hawthorn.master branches yet. There is more work we want to get onto master before creating the true Hawthorn branches. This beta gives people access to a marked version they can use to test installation and migration, while there is still time for us to test whatever issues you uncover as well as wrap in code for the quickly approaching GDPR deadline.
There are some things that are not ready yet:
  • We don’t have consolidated release notes of what is new since Ginkgo
  • We don’t have Docker images yet, so there is no devstack support.  We’re working on building those images in the next few weeks.
  • We don’t have updated documentation
As a reminder: in Hawthorn and beyond, devstack will be based on Docker, and fullstack is gone.
We expect to have a Hawthorn release candidate by the end of May.
Please try out this code, and let us know what you find. There is a #hawthorn-beta channel in Slack, or you can reply with a comment here.

Hear More at Open edX 2018

As an added bonus, you can hear all about the upcoming Hawthorn release at the Open edX 2018 conference in Montreal! 
Thanks! We hope you like this new release.