At Axim Collaborative, we’ve been thinking about how to bring structure and cohesion to the end-to-end process of managing Open edX as a Product. To that end, we have created three spaces to facilitate engagement and interaction of Open edX Product Managers across the ecosystem.

The Open edX Roadmap

The Open edX Roadmap is intended to capture and document all contributions to the Open edX platform. While a work-in-progress, we have established a first Milestone: To ensure all current, in-flight work is represented at the Initiative level, and aligned to a Named Release. 

As a first step, we’re creating a full view of contributions that will be shipped in the Nutmeg Release in June. To do so, we need your input!

How can I add my organization’s contributions to the Roadmap?

We’ve created an Issue Template in github that you can use to submit your contributions to the Roadmap. We’re looking for a high-level overview of the Initiative, with a focus on scope, approach, value and impact. 

The Open edX Product Management Wiki

As a complement to the Roadmap, we’ve created the Product Management Wiki. The Wiki is intended to facilitate collaboration and communication on early-stage product ideation, discovery and development. It is a place to share documentation around discovery and design, such as:

  • Findings from discovery initiatives
  • Design/UX documentation and specs
  • Scope and approach memos 
  • MVP specs for new features
  • Market research and user feedback

The Wiki fills a gap at the beginning stages of the product life-cycle, and is intended to bridge product-focused research, design and specs with technical execution and delivery. 

How can I engage in the Product Management Wiki?

The Wiki is slowly being built from the ground up! You can:

How does the Wiki align to the Roadmap?

The Wiki and the Roadmap are intended to go hand-in-hand. Once you’ve added your current and planned Initiatives to the Roadmap, you can use the Wiki to share supporting documentation, such as feature specs, UX designs, or discovery findings.

Product Slack Channel

Join the Product Working Group on Slack at #wg-open-edx-product-management. It is a central, public space for anyone, whether you are part of the Working Group or not, to engage in product-related conversations, decisions and updates. 

What’s the latest on the Product Working Group?

The Product Working Group will meet for the first time at the Open edX conference in Lisbon. We’ll have a remote option to join if you can’t attend in person, and we’ll record the first session as well. During the first meeting, we’ll agree on a manifesto and discuss goals and focus projects for the next 3 months. Please join the Product Slack Channel as we’ll be using that space to circulate information, agendas and next steps.