The Open edX project has been growing for nearly a decade. While we know that the platform has achieved massive scale and reach, there has long been a desire to better quantify the impact of Open edX globally.

Axim Collaborative is undertaking a Survey to capture a more fine-grained understanding of Open edX scope and impact. We aim to answer questions such as:

  • How many Instances exist globally?
  • How many learners are currently enrolled in a course?
  • How many courses have been completed?
  • What do enrollment trends look like by country/by region/by language?
  • What is the distribution of Instances by sector?
  • What are the most common use cases for Instances in the higher education sector? In the enterprise sector?

We will present the results of the Survey – all anonymized and in aggregate – at the Open edX Conference in April.

We envision drawing on this data collectively to help us make more informed decisions about product strategies, areas of investment, and to help identify priorities for maximal impact.

We also hope this data can help to enrich your product marketing efforts and draw more learners into the transformative world of online education.

Here’s where we need your help:

Please complete one Survey for each Open edX Instance you manage, host or run. 

We have included suggested queries to make this process as simple and quick as possible.

Alternatively, we have an option to collate your data in a Google Sheet. This may be an easier option if you run many Instances or host more than one Instance on one site. Please make a copy of the Sheet, then please fill out one line per Instance.

If you are a Provider and you run a multi-tenant Instance with hundreds or thousands of sites, please treat the multi-tenant Instance as a single Instance and fill out the Survey accordingly. 

Full instructions for completing the Survey can be found here.

Please complete the Survey by April 15, so that we have enough time to collate and analyze the results for the Open edX conference!

Any questions, please contact instance-survey at