As we are all facing a new reality, we need to get used to a different way to work, to learn, to interact, a new way to live. We are living in a new world, in which technology is helping us to stay connected. Many universities are moving their content online to continue providing education to their students, governments are creating websites to help people during this time, and companies are migrating many of their services to online platforms, including all their teaching and learning programs. This new reality is changing the world and is driving us to find different tools that can help companies have a bigger impact, reach more people, be more efficient, and benefit millions.

There are great resources that can help companies, colleges, universities and even governments during this time. One of them is Open edX. The Open edX platform can help you to continue providing the training and education to your users, while they are remote.

Open edX software powers many online learning platforms, including It’s an open-source platform helping millions of people get the knowledge they need. It even powers national platforms, such as the Israeli National Digital Learning platform, and companies’ own educational platforms. Since Open edX is open source, it is improving constantly, offering the best in learning sciences and instructional design, as the community, including developers, technology partners, research teams and users all around the world are continually making enhancements, based on consumer needs, research, and innovation.

If you don’t know where to start and need help, we invite you to visit our digital catalog of service & technology partners that can help you create your own Open edX site. 

How Open edX technology can help during this time:

  • It is open source, so you can deploy your own platform to bring your content to your learners. It does not matter what your goal is: if you are a company that wants to continue training programs, a university that wants to bring your classes online, or a government that needs to provide access to online courses and programs to millions of people, the Open edX platform is a great tool for you! 
  • The Open edX community has a great group of service partners, offering a wide range of services to organizations that adopt Open edX technology to build their digital learning experiences.
  • If you are a current Open edX operator or if you want personalized features, we have a robust  group of technology partners that integrate with the Open edX platform to enrich your learning environment.

We are here to help, and invite you to join the conversation with the  Open edX community, where we have different forums and a slack channel. As a global community, we know the importance of being connected. 

Are you already using Open edX to help during this time? Share your instance of Open edX with us. We want to showcase how different organizations around the world are using Open edX software during this time, in which the delivery of education/training is altered. Share it in our forum or by email.