We are delighted to announce the Open edX Partner Edly by Arbisoft as the Premier Sponsor of the 2022 Open edX Conference! Representatives of Edly will be present at the conference, as presenters, and attendees alike. Stop by their sponsor booth to learn more about the organization’s technical contributions to the Open edX platform, as well as their involvement in the community.

Who is Edly by Arbisoft:

  • Since 2013, Arbisoft has been a core contributor to the edX and Open edX applications and the edX and Open edX Mobile Applications
  • Arbisoft is headquartered in Dallas, TX with services and satellite offices in Pakistan, Australia, Germany, and Canada
  • To date, Arbisoft has the largest volume of Open edX Engineers on the market, which lead to the establishment of Arbisoft consolidated ed-tech and Open edX division, Edly by Arbisoft, in 2019
  • As a full-service Open edX provider, Edly by Arbisoft has been offering Open edX installation, hosting, and custom development services for nearly nine years
  • Edly by Arbisoft’s newest Open edX division, its dedicated Open edX Learning and Instructional Design department, was established due to the influx in demand for curated, high quality e-learning content and learner experiences built in and delivered via the Open edX platform
  • Edly by Arbisoft serves as a solutions provider and Open edX consultant for some of the largest institutions in the world, including the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of California San Diego, the Wikimedia Foundation, and more
  • Edly by Arbisoft is a key player on several Open edX working groups, including the Open edX Marketing Working Group and the Open edX Build-Test-Release Working Group
  • Edly by Arbisoft offers free Open edX consultations to discuss the specialized services and details relevant for your needs at your preferred time

Contact Edly by Arbisoft directly on our website with any questions you may have.