With the Open edX Conference 2023 just around the corner, the Open edX team is proud to announce Edly by Arbisoft as its Premier sponsor for the event. For the past nine years, Edly and Arbisoft have shown constant support to the Open edX community by sponsoring the conferences and maintaining a strong and engaging presence during the events, and continuing to be a key
contributor to the Open edX platform, thus representing the Open edX brand to the best of its
abilities. And this year will be no exception!

What is Edly?

Through its cutting-edge, Open edX-powered eLearning solutions, Edly has been facilitating
corporations, businesses, educational institutions, and individuals in achieving their eLearning
goals since 2013. Based out of Dallas, Texas, and with a global clientele, Edly has left its mark
on millions of learners worldwide and continues to do so by developing comprehensive Open
edX learning environments.

● Our Vision:
To become a world-class provider of adaptable, next-generational eLearning solutions
● Our Mission:
We seek to make eLearning available, affordable, and on-brand to organizations of any
size through our fully white-labeled, flexibly-priced SaaS eLearning ecosystem

What is Edly offering?

Customizable, scalable, and easy on the pocket, Edly offers everything you need to set up a
fully-functional eLearning solution. From providing an off-the-shelf, ready-to-start, and easy-to-
implement SaaS solution to custom development of your desired eLearning platform, Edly
enables you to pick the offering that suits your needs the most.

In addition to this, Edly provides end-to-end eLearning solutions and specialized Open edX
services such as LMS data migration, Open edX instance installation, course authoring,
instructional design, managed hosting, and much more. Edly is proud to boast a team of
experienced Open edX Instructional Designers and Content Creation Specialists ready to help
you grow your investment in the Open edX tech stack.

Check out all the plans Edly offers here: Edly pricing and plans

Meet and Greet with Edly

Learn how Edly can make a difference for your organization and in the EdTech space by paying
Edly a visit at the Open edX Conference 2023. In the meantime, check out Edly’s website to
learn more about their product and services.