We are proud to announce OpenCraft as this year’s Reception Sponsor for the upcoming Open edX Conference. The Reception sponsorship represents the highest level of sponsor commitment and will establish a strong presence at this year’s event. Additionally, the Founder & CEO of OpenCraft, Xavier Antoviaque, is our newest member of the Technical Oversight Committee. This represents a great testimonial to OpenCraft’s technical expertise and everlasting engagement in the community.

Who is OpenCraft:

  • OpenCraft is a software development company that was founded in 2013, following the release of the Open edX platform.
  • The Founder and CEO, Xavier Antoviaque, is a strong open source advocate and was the first external code contributor to the Open edX project.
  • Open edX platform contributions have been central to OpenCraft’s business model, resulting in a large number of code and feature contributions over the years.
  • OpenCraft has had a close relationship with the edX organization (and now also with tCRIL) and has worked on many projects in partnership with edX over the years.
  • OpenCraft’s commitment to quality has enabled them to work with world renowned universities, government institutions, and private clients of all sizes. 
  • The vast majority of the code that OpenCraft writes is open source – the organization strongly believes in the concept of sharing and contributes regularly to various open source projects.
  • The company is completely decentralized, with team members scattered around five continents, including men and women from a vast array of cultures and socioeconomic backgrounds, representing an organization that strongly values diversity.
  • OpenCraft currently has ten Open edX core contributors on their team and has helped with various community initiatives, such as conferences, working groups, and crowdsourced projects.
  • The core values of OpenCraft are openness, quality, commitment, and empathy. You can learn more about them by reading their public company handbook

If you would like to contact OpenCraft to set-up and install your own instance of Open edX, please contact them on our website.

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