We are delighted to announce a few of our 2022 Open edX Conference sessions, featured speakers, and sponsors! The conference speakers and sponsors represent leaders and experts within online education, with expertise in a variety of sectors, including higher education, corporate, nonprofit, government, NGOs, and K-12.

It is our distinct honor to feature EdTech innovators at the 2022 Open edX Conference, who leverage the Open edX platform to expand access to education globally, in an effort to revolutionize the delivery of online education, within a world that is becoming more reliant on digital solutions.


The conference theme is centered around the future of work. Open edX experts and practitioners will share ideas, solutions, and tools for today’s challenges of up-skilling, re-skilling, and delivering life-long learning. Through these sessions attendees will learn about innovative uses of technology within the areas of: 

  • Pedagogy & Instructional Design
  • Platform & Product
  • Extensions & Integrations


Our event’s keynotes are leading experts in academia, learning science, open source technology & business applications.

Anant Agarwal, the Founder of edX and Chief Open Education Officer at 2U will be the opening keynote for the 2022 Open edX Conference, followed by Tobie Langel, Open Source Strategy Consultant, and Paula Marques, Executive Director for Business Transformation & Executive Education at NOVA SBE.

Highlighted Sessions & Speakers:

Spanning the three tracks and theme of the 2022 Open edX Conference, the event’s featured speakers offer attendees the knowledge, leadership, and inspiration to shape the path for delivering online education globally via the world’s leading online learning platform, the Open edX platform. Below is the list of several highlighted sessions that will be showcased at this year’s Open edX Conference.

Pedagogy & Instructional Design:

How assessment design can eliminate the need for digital proctoring

The shift to fully remote learning during the pandemic raised concerns over an assumed increase in cheating, leading many schools to use 3rd party digital proctoring services. Given the costs, and privacy and equity issues, we focused our efforts on prevention of dishonest behaviors instead of finding ways to catch them. We will present data-driven techniques for course design and assessment that balance maximizing the potential to learn and minimizing the temptation to cheat.
Mary Ellen Wiltrout, MIT

Learning on the job: 5 key lessons from creating next-generation workplace training products

Organizations are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of continuous up-skilling and the need to maximize the skills of their workforce. In this interactive session, we’ll cover the best practices of learning and instructional design for developing success-prone and results-oriented professional development programs, particularly in the context of the Open edX platform.
Asad Iqbal & Faqir Bilal, Edly

2U’s Learning Experience Framework (LXF)

The merger of edX and 2U means we are merging insights and capabilities around how to design the best learning experiences possible across a wide range of courses and programs. In this session, we’ll look at highlights from 2U’s Learning Experience Framework (LXF) and how it is being used to develop a new MOOC we’re creating about How to Teach Online. 
Ben Piscopo, edX/2U

Platform & Product:

An AI-powered skills infrastructure on the Open edX platform

Actionable skills are the real currency of education, and courses are just the means to their achievement. Let’s look at how skills-related metadata can be automatically gathered from content and paired with learners using AI to effectively have a “marketplace” of knowledge connecting catalogs, people, and analytics.
Miguel Amigot, ibleducation.com

2U community introduction & roadmap contributions

Introducing edX/2U to the Open edX community, with a look into 2U’s organizational mission and our “free to degree” catalog offerings, inclusive of the edX.org open courses catalog! We’ll also discuss our commitment to Open edX development, look at a summary of recent Open edX platform improvements, and what our current contribution plans for 2022 entail.

Marco Morales, edX/2U

Open edX mobile: Product direction & development

Come learn about the product vision and development details for the edX mobile apps from members of the edX mobile team. We’ll cover how the apps will leverage mobile-specific features for learning (calendar, deep links, video download quality, mobile payments) as well as how they supplement the edX desktop platform. We’ll also discuss technical best practices learned during development, and what to expect for mobile in 2022 and beyond.
Mian Khalid & Poornima Hanumara, edX/2U | Saeed Bashir, Arbisoft

Extensions & Integrations:

Deep dive into LTI 1.3 in the Open edX platform

Come take a technical deep dive into LTI 1.3, exploring how it works, how it’s implemented in the platform, and its limitations and use cases. We’ll discuss the LTI launch flow, the architecture behind the LTI 1.3 implementation in the platform, and dive into specific parts of the codebase/ADRs to explain design decisions.
Giovanni Cimolin da Silva, OpenCraft

Course licensing with the Open edX platform

B2I (Business to Institution) is a lesser understood course delivery model supported on the Open edX platform. We will take you through our journey considering different ways to support B2I within the Open edX ecosystem, and explore how we aim to streamline and enhance the onboarding and administrative experiences.
Diego Millan, eduNEXT; Scott Dunn, Pearson

Integrating the Open edX platform and Canvas: A new integration for Libraries 2.0

Many Open edX partners struggle with how best to utilize their growing catalog of Open edX content in other learning management systems. In this session, we’ll describe and demo our work creating an LTI content integration implemented in Libraries v2, an upcoming reworking of Open edX Libraries that will provide more modular use of content (Open edX Planning). 
Daniel Seaton, MIT | Adolfo Brandes, Axim Collaborative

Conference Sponsors

The 2022 Open edX Conference could not be possible without our supportive sponsor network! We would like to extend a special thank you to our Reception Sponsor, OpenCraft. You can learn more about them here

Another big thank you to our Cornerstone Sponsor, Construct Education, and our Premier Sponsor, Edly.

Other sponsors of this year’s event include: eduNEXT, Graspway, IBL Education, Annoto, Aulasneo, and our media sponsor Class Central.

Thank you to all of you for supporting this annual event!

Stay tuned for the full conference schedule, which will be posted in the coming week, featuring all of the conference’s sessions, tutorials/workshops, lightning talks, and unstructured networking opportunities and register today to secure your seat!