(The following blog post is from Elite Education, makers of E-ducation. Elite Education is a proud sponsor of the Open edX 2018 conference, coming up in Montreal. Today is the last day for registration!)

E-ducation is a SaaS learning platform based on Open edX, with more features and exclusive learning content for business administration on post-graduate level. E-ducation provides a comprehensive and affordable solution for companies and individuals looking for a competitive advantage.

Our Open-edX-based platform was officially launched in Aug 2017. To date, there are 100+ companies using E-ducation as their online learning platform, including multinational companies like Lallemand Inc. from Canada and H&H Group from Hong Kong.

Thanks to all the impressive work done by our development team, E-ducation provides enterprises and universities with an out-of-the-box online learning platform. Supporting learning/teaching outcome tracking diagrams, discussion board, customizable themes, even course producing software, companies can set up their own platform within minutes and let E-ducation take care of all the technical problems.

In addition to Open edX’s features, E-ducation developed more:

  • Software-as-a-Service. Allowing customers to focus on their own contents without worrying about IT support and maintenance.
  • Customized admin system. A new administrative system was built for E-ducation’s exclusive features like importing users, assigning roles and allocating accesses.
  • Optimized interface. Given the fact that Open edX is already easy to use for English-speaking country users, E-ducation’s interface is modified to be friendlier to Chinese users.
  • Custom domain. Companies and organizations can choose the subdomain for their exclusive use.
  • Live lecture, or webinar. Our live lecture feature helps customers cut the costs of travelling and hospitality of face-to-face training seminars while providing similar experience via HQ video or audio, compulsive check-in, pop quiz and lucky draw. Moreover, we provide one-click recording and playback of the live lecture.
  • Prepaid data plan for live lecture. Customers can allocate prepaid data plan to the attendees’ account in case they need to join in with mobile data connection.
  • Online tutor service, or one-to-one Q&A section. When encountering learning problems, learners can expect an instant reply from organization members who are assigned as tutors for a specific course. They can interact in a virtual classroom via video or audio call, with on-screen blackboard, documents, and remote laser pointer.
  • Up-to-date payment methods. Besides e-banking, we accept Alipay and WeChat Pay, the two most popular payment methods in China.
  • EliteU courses importing. Customers are allowed to display business administration courses from EliteU to complement their training package.

Our improvements in Open edX are more than these. Bearing in mind that information security is essential to a SaaS platform, we reinforced the protection by deploying the highest security level of firewall. We choose one of the most popular and stable cloud services — Alibaba Cloud, which ranks No.1 in China and No.3 worldwide. We also provide individual web and video storage space in order to further protect all videos, documents and other information for confidentiality. Last but not least, we will constantly update along with Open edX for its new release to stay at the cutting edge.

As we all know that Open edX can be the foundation of an effective and efficient course management system, we found that many companies also have a great need of great contents. That’s why we are producing and importing courses in business management, entitled “EliteU”.

For the future, E-ducation will keep it up with innovation in online education, hand in hand with Open edX, to create better solution for internal training, and also dedicate to provide great contents. In fact, we have established a professional course production team for this goal. We localize courses in other languages into Chinese version and help companies to produce their own courses. We also hope to cooperate with teachers and content providers, introducing quality education resources to China. We will reach our hands to more learning-oriented organizations and equip E-ducation with more on-demand features.

We welcome all kinds of cooperation. Come join us in this wonderful journey! 

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