We’re excited to welcome first-time Open edX conference sponsor Examity as Lunch Sponsor for the 2017 Open edX conference. Thank you, Examity, for supporting this great event and our community. 

We talked to Examity about their remote proctoring service, open source communities and more.

Examity logo with caption 'Better Test Integrity'

Tell us about Examity. What makes you unique?

Examity was founded in 2012 to meet the needs of the growing number of online education and certification programs looking to ensure integrity and security. What makes Examity unique is that we are the only solution to provide either live, recorded, or fully automated proctoring/invigilating from a single platform. This year, we also launched a mobile solution, examiGO, to bring colleges and universities a suite of leading-edge authentication tools (including fingerprint scan, voice match, and facial recognition) as mobile devices are used by a growing number of online learners.

Who are your customers, and how do they benefit from your services?

The number of students taking college courses online has skyrocketed in the past decade, reaching nearly 6 million as of 2014. As a result of this rapid growth, colleges and universities are increasingly focused on ensuring the quality and integrity of their online programs. We work with a diverse cross-section of leading institutions, including University of Sydney, Emylon Business School and Yale University, to provide around-the-clock proctoring services that can be customized to meet the needs of individual schools and programs. Our platform helps institutions make online invigilating more efficient, convenient, and secure. Because of the flexible nature of our platform, we are also able to help universities support a fast-growing population of nontraditional learners, many of whom balance work or other commitments with their studies.

What’s exciting to you and the Examity team about collaborating with open source communities?

Our team is passionate about the potential of technology to improve access and outcomes in higher education, and we are proud to provide online invigilation and verification services that are a key part of the education technology ecosystem. We love the collaborative spirit of open-source communities and the way that sharing strategies and best practices can help make technology work more effectively in education and beyond.

Outside of your customer base, where do you read or find out about new innovations or exciting work being done in this industry (favorite blogs, websites)?

Some of our favorite news sources include eCampus News, Inside Higher Ed, EdSurge, and ReLearn from The Chronicle of Higher Education, which follow the pulse of new technologies and innovations in the online learning world.

What’s ahead for Examity?

We are seeing increased demand from the international market and are looking forward to helping institutions and providers worldwide enhance the security and reliability of online assessment. Our team is especially excited about the potential of sophisticated analytics tools, which can provide colleges and universities with data-driven insights that can help them benchmark against their peer institutions and track student test-taking patterns over time.

What can Open edX conference attendees look forward to seeing at your sponsor table this year?

Examity CEO, Michael London, will share company and industry insights and answer any questions you may have about online invigilation and ID verification. Attendees will see how Examity is an ideal enterprise-wide test integrity solution. They will also learn about our newest product, examiGO, a mobile identification solution.

Examity CEO Michael London sitting on a desk in an office Examity team members sitting around a conference table in a meeting room

Left: Examity CEO Michael London, right: Examity team