The last in our sponsor spotlight series, we are pleased to welcome Proversity to Open edX 2017 and thank them for their contribution to the conference and the community! 

We spoke to them about their approach and what they’re looking forward to in Madrid.

Tell us about Proversity. What’s your approach to online learning? What makes you unique?

Proversity is a global end to end Open edX solutions provider that delivers: learning design, technology, video production, and user adoption.

We take a learning first approach that understands that any technology, content and marketing we support is only as good as the learning design that sits behind it

Who are your customers, and how do they benefit from your services?

Proversity has been working with enterprise, government and educational customers to deliver Open edX technology and content solutions via web, mobile and blended solutions. Our critical success factor has been a combination of great design, intuitive technology and learner centred approaches.

  • UBS – compliance training
  • Teach First – blended management instruction
  • Network Rail – delivery of national safety training
  • The University of Oxford – their first MOOC
  • Telefonica – supporting global entrepreneurship training
  • Lloyds Bank – mentoring
  • British Council – graduate programmes
  • British Army – functional skills
  • Buckingham Palace – software training for schools
  • Bank of England – school leaver programme

What’s exciting to you and the Proversity team about working in the open source space right now?

Proversity has years of experience developing in Open edX. We have continued to build a technology team in Europe, Africa and the United States that is committed to sharing the very best solutions and sharing them with the entire Open edX community and has the ability to collaborate with some of the brightest minds from all over the globe. We believe that open source builds better:

  • Security
  • Quality
  • Customizability
  • Flexibility
  • Auditability
  • Interoperability

This creates the right solutions for the challenges facing the world in 2017 and beyond.

Outside of your customer base, where do you read or find out about new innovations or exciting work being done in this industry (favorite blogs, websites)?

We read FastCo and Wired, listen to edtech podcast, Harvard Edcast and MIT media lab on Medium, and attend SXSW, edtechX and BETT. Our co-founder Krishan Meetoo frequently contribute to Forbes.

What’s ahead for Proversity?

Delivery: Proversity is working on a number of national platforms that will have fundamental impacts on the future of open education globally.

Production: To broaden our studio quality output, our video production team are already working on Augmented Reality solutions that have been integrated into the Open edX Mobile solution.

Technology: A focus on Insights and the Open edX UX will lead to better connecting student and educator growth data as well as vastly improving learner adoption (building on our huge retention rates).

Learning Design: Adaptive learning is in its infancy, but by implementing early solutions and measuring them against a variety of taxonomies, we hope to assess the credibility of a number of solutions in the real world.

User Adoption: This is a strong growth area for Proversity as instructors from education, enterprise and NGOs look to more useful ROIs than registrations alone.

What can Open edX conference attendees look forward to seeing at your sponsor table this year?

The team will be showing off client branded apps that are delivering ROI for our clients:

  • VR on Open edX mobile – a simple integration delivering a huge impact
  • Content examples – how we hit an 80% completion rate by combining feedback and great design
  • Swag!

Krishan Meetoo, Proversity co-founder, speaking in an office setting with a woman sitting and a woman standing in front of a laptop

Krishan Meetoo, Proversity co-founder, in discussions with the team

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