Samuel Soubeyran will be joining us for the Open edX Conference (register here!) to discuss his work as CTO of Neodemia, which builds MOOCs and SPOCs for clients such as BNP Paribas and BDO. Read on for more background on Neodemia’s work on the Open edX platform.

Where are you/your organization located?
Neodemia is located at the ENSAM incubator in Paris.

How does working with Open edX relate to your organization’s mission?
Our mission is to deliver the best corporate MOOC experience. For us, it was obvious from the beginning that we had to build our platform on the shoulders of the best open-source MOOC platform. That’s why we chose to go with Open edX.

How did you first hear about the Open edX initiative? What has been your focus?
We first heard about the Open edX initiative in June 2013, when we met with Laurent Boinot to create a MOOC platform dedicated to corporation. Our first MOOC on our platform took place in September 2013 and was a huge success. Our focus has been to stay at the top of the innovation, taking the best from the development of edX and developing tools that we believe were missing such as certificates, badges, forums, and profiles.

What will you be discussing at Open edX Con?
We’ll be discussing the development we have made toward a more social platform. It is our belief that learning is as much about knowledge as it is about social interactions. We’ll also discuss the specific needs that we have detected among corporations and how they differ from traditional academic MOOC.

What are some other projects you’ve worked on on Open edX or in the EdTech industry?
We’ve been involved in several research projects at the national (France) and international (Europe) level. We bring our expertise in MOOCs and MOOC platforms to help develop innovative ways of learning.

What other topics are you interested in hearing about or talking with your fellow Open edX developers about?
We’ll be very interested in the future of Open edX and the vision about the platform, as well as in topics such as cooperation between organisations. Specifically, we find it very difficult to know who works on what and what is being developed. The conference will be the occasion to fill some gaps with the ecosystem.

What inspired you and what keeps you inspired to work in the EdTech space?
Education is the best tool to change the world — what could be more inspiring?

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