Yasumasa Watanabe will be joining us this week to discuss his work with Open edX as a project manager with NTT Knowledge Square Inc. Read on for more background from Yasumasa!

Tell us about your Open edX instance.
Our service “gacco”, the Japanese MOOC powered by Open edX, is located in Tokyo, Japan. We’ve been working with Open edX code since July 2013. To launch our MOOC, we researched MOOC systems, learning management systems, and found Open edX around July 2013. Since then, we’ve focused on massive-oriented architecture in infrastructure on AWS and well-designed studio.

What will you be discussing at Open edX Con?
Mobile optimization and usage in Japan. With mobile-optimized Open edX, we started our MOOC service named “gacco” in Japan, April 2014. We’ll share our method on mobile optimization and report usage, as well as voices from users of our service.

What are some other projects you’ve worked on with Open edX or in the EdTech industry?
Developing LMS for a cramming school and introducing Hyper-V for a college.

What other topics are you interested in hearing about or talking with your fellow Open edX developers about?
New feature in data analytics like Insight, or new xBlocks.

What inspired you and what keeps you inspired to work in the edtech space?
Changing the world, with great engineers.

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