Today we released Koa, the eleventh Open edX community release. This release gets us back onto a six-month cadence, coming six months to the day since Juniper on June 9th.

Koa brings a number of improvements, including personalized learner schedules, progress milestones, and LTI 1.3 grading. Open edX’s front-end implementations are moving toward micro-frontends, which are now installable in Koa. The underlying operating system has been upgraded to Ubuntu 20.04 to ensure continued security fixes.

Huge thanks to the Build / Test / Release working group, for focusing on polishing Koa for release on time. Our goal is to continue to shift the ownership of the community release to the community. We’ll be doing even more for the next release, Lilac.

You can start using Koa today, and we recommend that everyone upgrade to get the latest and greatest Open edX features.

Photo by David Eickhoff