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The Marketing Working Group is an active collection of contributors managed by the Open edX community. 

The members of the working group come from the community and are supported by product and marketing leads from edX. The Working Group meets regularly (every Wednesday at an interval of 2 weeks. More info about the meetings here) to discuss, organize, and deliver enhancement efforts on marketing topics or events connected to the Open edX platform.

The main reason behind the creation of the Marketing Working Group is to help market the free, modern, and future oriented open source Open edX solution as a brand and as an LMS, increasing its visibility within the worldwide growing e-learning marketplace. We focus on decision makers: they should find more structured information about the Open edX platform, the benefits, the costs, the service providers, the features & comparisons with other products, etc. Any person interested in the Open edX platform, with or without a technical background, should be able to quickly understand the Open edX product, its use, its advantages and disadvantages by visiting

The contributors of the Marketing Working Group have a deep knowledge of the Open edX platform from both the business and the technical sides. Leading companies such as Abstract-Technology, eduNEXT, OpenCraft, and Raccoon Gang meet with edX members every two weeks to share providers’ insights, amplify the network effect, collaborate, and help co-define technical and nontechnical elements of the platform’s roadmap. The providers also assist in re-structuring marketing content in an effort to create reader value that can be shared on the Open edX website, discourse, or any other Open edX distribution channel (e.g. Slack).

The group reviewed some crucial parts of the Open edX website, with the intention to create a clear marketing message and to deepen consumer knowledge about the Open edX platform.

When Open Source Communities Live – Some Results

The Marketing Working Group started by analyzing the benefits and the USP (unique selling propositions) of the Open edX platform, and has since reached several milestones, such as  implementing and enhancing  onboarding forms for new Open edX providers and updating the Open edX Marketplace.

The Working Group also achieved the goal to publish the Open edX Feature List, which is intended to offer the best overview of all features covered by the software ecosystem. Furthermore, this list should help decision makers, project managers, technical consultants, L&D, developers, course creators, and many more to get started with the Open edX solution. The Open edX “List of Features” has had ~4.000 page views between Oct. 5th (its launch date) and Nov. 30th, 2020. This is an amazing result, and directly reflects on the success of our collaborative culture.

What Comes Next?

The publication of an Open edX Extensions Matrix is in the pipeline. 

This list will contain all available extensions that are compatible with the Open edX learning platform, each with a short description and the most important data. The primary purpose of this list is to provide users with a comprehensive overview of the extension possibilities of a standard Open edX learning platform. 

We look back at a successful first year of collaboration, and will hopefully contribute new ideas and useful work for many more years to come, in order to help customers, enthusiasts, partners, and developers, as well as the community, to make the Open edX platform stronger and optimize its distribution globally.

Restless Contributors Change the World

The new 2020 edX claim has been promoted on December 17th, 2020:  “Restless learners change the world” and in addition to that we will use it for our purpose: “Restless contributors change the world”.

Happy Holidays!

Want to Contribute to the Open edX Marketing Working Group? 

You are welcome  to join our meetings every two weeks on Wednesdays. More information here.

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