For this year’s TOC elections, we’ve experienced a couple bumps in the road already.  My apologies for that.  Unfortunately, we’ve encountered another issue.

While auditing the voting data we noticed that voter turnout for the Instructor and Learner categories was very low.  In the case of the instructor category, 15% of registered voters voted in the election.  In the case of the learner category, 0% – not a typo – voted in the election.

In the course of investigating what might have happened, we discovered that, unrelated to the election, changes were made to Axim’s email configuration to enable enforcement of industry spam reduction best practices, DKIM and DMARC.

However, the system that we use for email campaigns was not added to the domain allow list.  As a result, emails to voters were redirected to spam folders or quarantined.

You may have an email related to the election in your spam folder with the tell tale header:


We had originally considered electing two representatives from the Core Contributor category, but given the extremely low turn out and this new information, we are going to reopen voting for one (1) week starting on Dec 4, 2023.

If you have already voted, there’s nothing to do.  Your vote is secure and will be counted.

For those who registered, but have not yet voted, we will email you instructions now that we have corrected the DMARC configuration issue.

I want to take the opportunity to apologize again for the messiness of this process.  We’ve learned quite a lot and am confident that we have plans in place to prevent a recurrence of any of the issues that we saw during this election.  We very much value your participation, please take a few minutes to register your vote for the excellent slate of candidates running this year.