Thank you to everyone in the community, who has registered to vote and/or spread the news about the upcoming Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) election!

The community has been asked to elect three members of the core decision-making body of the Open edX project, the TOC. The three elected community representatives will be responsible for governing the overall stewardship and technical direction of the Open edX project, along with three TOC members from Axim Collaborative, and three TOC members from 2U/edX. 

As a project, we were able to attract a variety of candidates representing diverse backgrounds and skills. These individuals understand that an investment in the Open edX Project is also an investment in the community. The below list of candidates have consistently demonstrated their commitment to both the Open edX Project and our community and are leading experts in the field of education technology. Without further ado, please see below our incredibly skilled list of candidates:

Discover the list of candidates & their programs


Voting opens today and ballots with instructions on how to complete the votes will be sent to eligible voters shortly. This is the list of registered voters, including the current list of core contributors & maintainers, who are registered to vote. 

This election wouldn’t be possible without the community-wide effort to reach out to all eligible voters – we are all incredibly grateful for the efforts in helping to spread the election news! Thank you to the list of organizations below, who have generated communication campaigns around this effort:

  • edX/2U (September Partner newsletter)  
  • Construct Education (social media campaign: LinkedIn & Twitter)
  • eduNEXT (blog)
  • VTeam Labs (email campaign- internal contacts) 
  • ABC Online Courses (email campaign- internal contacts) 
  • ReadSpeaker (email campaign- internal contacts) 
  • MOOCit (email campaign- internal contacts) 
  • DataArt (email campaign- internal contacts, and LinkedIn POST
  • KNS IT Group (email campaign- internal contacts) 
  • Ledgea Systems (email campaign- internal contacts) 
  • Esme (email campaign- internal contacts)
  • Abstract (tweet, post)
  • OpenCraft (blog post)
  • MIT (email campaign – internal contacts)
  • ABC Online Courses (email campaign – internal contacts)
  • Aulasneo (blog, newsletter, and email campaign) 
  • Sibasi (email campaign and engagement meetings)
  • University of British Columbia (email campaign – internal contacts and course teams)
  • EDUlib – Université de Montréal (email campaign – internal contacts and course teams)
  • ( email campaign – internal contacts) 

If anyone has been missed on this list, please notify me and I will ensure that your campaign contributions will be recognized within our upcoming publications. 

Please cast your votes today. You should have received an email notification, which includes a link to the voting poll. 

Note that to receive that email, you must have already verified your email in CIVS, and the email address should be identical to the one you used to register as a voter. If you are included in the list of voters but haven’t received the email yet, verify your email now to get access to the poll. Please contact us if you need help accessing the poll.

Thank you!