Last week was DjangoCon US 2021, an online edition of the Django-focused conference held annually since 2008. Two of the talks were by members of the Open edX community, about Open edX-related topics. If you are involved in the technology of the Open edX platform, you will find them interesting.

Jeremy Bowman from edX talked about the challenge of upgrading hundreds of repos from Django 2.2 to Django 3.2: Herding Ponies: Coordinating and Automating Django Upgrades Across 100+ Repositories:

Maari Tamm from City Network, developers of City Cloud Academy, explained how to embed a cloud-hosted virtual computer in Django. She used the Hastexo XBlock running in an Open edX LMS as an example: Get interactive! Putting a shell (or a desktop) in your Django app.

It’s exciting to see the Open edX community leading the way in the broader Django landscape!