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The 2024 Open edX Conference will present innovative use cases for one of the world's best open source online learning management systems, the Open edX platform, and discover the latest advancements in instructional design, course constellation, and methods for operating & extending the Open edX platform, including breakthrough technologies, such as generative AI.


Get questions answered by Axim Collaborative and the Open edX community via our community discussion resources.

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Join the next Open edX Meetup

The Open edX team hosts monthly meetups, featuring leading EdTech experts, who share how to successfully integrate & leverage the Open edX platform to optimize learner outcomes. It also provides a forum for connecting, collaborating, and networking with the vast and vibrant Open edX Community.

The monthly Open edX Meetups take place virtually in and you can find the information, regarding upcoming Open edX Meetups, on our event calendar.

Discussion Forum

Join our discussion forum at We have categories for different audiences:

Community: talk about the community, introduce yourself, announce events, post jobs.

Educators: discussion for course authors, instructional designers. Pedagogy, teaching techniques, and more.

Announcements: official Open edX announcements.

Development: talk about extending the code. New features, new capabilities. Collaborate on proposals and projects.

DevOps: for people running Open edX sites. Best practices and advice.


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