The Open edX platform is not just software. It’s also a complete product with extensive documentation.

Release notes

Learn more about the latest release here.


Documentation for Open edX users who are following the master version of the platform. These guides can include changes made after the Nutmeg release.

Installing, Configuring, & Running the Open edX Platform

Instructions for system administrators setting up an Open edX installation.

Contributing Code

Instructions for creating your first pull request for the Open edX project.

Building and Running a Course

Instructions for course teams creating courses to run on an Open edX site.

Learner’s Guide

Help for learners taking an Open edX course.

Open Learning XML Guide

References for course teams using open learning XML (OLX) to build courses.


Guidelines and resources for developers extending and contributing to the Open edX platform.

Developer’s Guide

References for developers contributing to the edX platform.