Mailing List Guidelines

The mailing lists are moderated by edX employees. Use good judgment in sending messages to the mailing lists.

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If you send unacceptable content, you may be banned from posting to the mailing list. Some examples of unacceptable content include:

Typical spam email

For example, pharmaceuticals and spam

Content from other mailing lists

For example, do not subscribe the email address to any other mailing lists.

If you want to send an email with a link to content on a different mailing list, that’s fine as long as that content is related to Open edX

Job postings from technical recruiters

Unless the job posting is for a job specifically related to Open edX, like a company seeking a developer to install and configure Open edX

Advertising technical services

Unless the technical service is specifically related to Open edX, like companies that provides hosting services for Open edX

Any email or content that is not related to Open edX

Please send your messages to the appropriate mailing list, based on its content. Questions about installing and configuring Open edX should go to openedx-ops, questions about translations and internationalization should go to openedx-translation, etc. If you send your email to the wrong mailing list, you will be redirected to the correct mailing list to re-ask your question there. Please do NOT send email to multiple mailing lists simultaneously: that is spamming, and if you do it frequently enough, you will be banned.

If you find yourself banned from a mailing list, and you think that you shouldn’t be banned, send an email to explaining the situation, and we will review.