The Open edX Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) is charged with governing the overall technical direction and stewardship of the Open edX project.

The committee is made up of 9 members, 3 appointed by Axim Collaborative, 3 appointed by 2U, Inc., and 3 members from the wide Open edX community.

For full details, please see the committee’s charter.

Ed Zarecor – Axim Collaborative

Vice President of Engineering for the Open edX Project

Ed Zarecor is the Vice President of Engineering for the Open edX project at Axim Collaborative.  Ed has been a software engineer, architect and technology leader throughout his career of more than 30 years, with a focus on educational technology.  For the last nine years, he has led development of the Open edX platform at edX Inc., where he served as the Head of Engineering and Head of the Open edX project. Notably, Ed oversaw a significant reinvigoration of the Open edX project starting in 2019, laying the groundwork for a more open and inclusive project, expanding opportunities for community participation, and so far, realizing a 10-fold increase in code contributions.  He is also one of the lucky few to have a three character GitHub username, e0d.

Ed is the Chair of the TOC.

Dustin Tingley – Axim Collaborative

Deputy Vice Provost for Advances in Learning

Dustin Tingley is Professor of Government in the Government Department at Harvard University. Dustin is Deputy Vice Provost for Advances in Learning, Faculty Director for the Vice Provost for Advances in Learning Data Science and Technology Group (Harvard higher education data science group), and Faculty director for the Harvard Initiative on Learning and Teaching. He received a PhD in Politics from Princeton in 2010 and BA from the University of Rochester in 2001. His research interests include international relations, international political economy, climate change, digital education and data science.  His book on American foreign policy with Helen Milner, Sailing the Water’s Edge, was published in fall 2015, and was awarded the Gladys M. Kammerer Award for the best book published in the field of U.S. national policy. Recent projects include attitudes towards global climate technologies and policies, and the intersection of causal inference and machine learning methods for the social sciences. He teaches courses on data science, international relations, and climate change. Dustin co-founded ABLConnect, previously served as the Director of Graduate Studies for the Harvard Government Department and faculty director of IQSS’s Undergraduate Research Scholar program. Dustin has organized interdisciplinary conferences on causal mechanismsclimate change politicsnegotiation in international relations, the intersection of causal inference and machine learning, active learning, peer learning, and equitable instruction in inclusive classrooms.

Ferdi Alimadhi – Axim Collaborative

Senior Director of Engineering and Products at MIT Open Learning

Ferdi Alimadhi is the Senior Director, Engineering and Products at MIT Open Learning where he has led the design and development of several Open edX based platforms for different learning environments, from residential teaching to professional education and MOOCs, including MITx Residential, MITx Online, MITx MicroMasters, and MIT xPro. During the last 8 years at MIT he has also led the ideation, design and development of several other educational products and platforms, reaching millions of learners around the world, including the new MIT OpenCourseWare, MIT Bootcamps, and MIT Video platform. He is the founding member and lead of the MIT Open project, as a social platform to connect MIT with learners, teachers and scientists worldwide. Prior to joining MIT, Ferdi worked at Harvard University. He is the original creator and project lead of OpenScholar project, an open source SAAS platform for building academic websites designed specifically for higher education and used by hundreds of institutions worldwide. Ferdi was the founding member of the Computer Science department of the first private university in Albania. He has a Master of Computer Science degree from University of Amsterdam and a Master of Software Engineering degree from Harvard University.

Anant Agarwal – 2U

Chief Open Education Officer at 2U

Anant Agarwal is the Chief Open Education Officer at 2U, Inc., guiding and furthering the company’s mission to increase access to high-quality education for everyone, everywhere. Anant joined 2U through the edX acquisition, where he directed its evolution into one of the world’s leading online learning platforms as founder and CEO.

As the first educator to teach an edX course on circuits and electronics from MIT, Anant drew 155,000 students from 162 countries. He remains a professor of electrical engineering and computer science at MIT today. Previously, he served as the director of CSAIL, MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

Anant is a successful serial entrepreneur, having co-founded several companies including Tilera Corporation, which created the Tile multicore processor, and Virtual Machine Works. He has received multiple accolades over the years for his pursuit of great educational innovation. He won the Maurice Wilkes prize for computer architecture and MIT’s Smullin and Jamieson prizes for teaching. He is also the 2016 recipient of the Harold W. McGraw, Jr. Prize for Higher Education, which recognized his work in advancing the MOOC movement. Additionally, he is a recipient of the Padma Shri award from the President of India and was named the Yidan Prize Laureate for Education Development in 2018.

A pioneer in computer architecture, Anant is a member of the National Academy of Engineering, a fellow of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and a fellow of the ACM. Scientific American selected his work on organic computing as one of 10 World-Changing Ideas in 2011, and he was named in Forbes’ list of top 15 education innovators in 2012.

George Babey – 2U

Director of Engineering at 2U

George Babey is Director of Engineering at 2U, leading the development for our Enterprise business. In over four years at edX, George has focused on growing our commercial and academic business through products and features that assist learners and administrators to be successful when rolling out learning initiatives within their organizations. He has a special affinity for frontend development and has helped lead the Open edX project through various improvements such as micro-frontends (MFEs) and the Paragon component library. Prior to edX, George has worked in various engineering and leadership roles across a 20+ year career.

Virginia Fletcher – 2U

Chief Technology Officer at 2U

Virginia Fletcher is 2U’s Chief Technology Officer. She leads all technology functions, focusing on a one-platform strategy to foster product growth and innovation in pursuit of greater access and equity for lifelong learning. A seasoned technology executive with three decades of experience driving innovation, growth, and transformation across diverse industries, Virginia was previously Chief Product Officer at Stride, Inc., where she successfully transformed the company into a product-oriented edtech leader, balancing B2B and B2C engagement along with digital product strategies for delivery of accessible K12 educational opportunities.

With expertise in technology leadership, product management, artificial intelligence (AI), and technology-enabled business transformation, Virginia has consistently demonstrated excellence in roles across a number of industries and companies including Optum Bank, OpenText, First Data Corporation, Global Exchange Services, and GE.

Virginia also serves as an Advisory Board Member for Neurun, an outdoor performance sports technology startup. Virginia’s expertise in product strategy and digital platform development supports Neurun’s mission to enhance the outdoor sports experience through cutting-edge AI and visualization technologies.

Virginia holds a BSEE in Electrical Engineering from Bucknell University and a Master’s in Computer Science from Hood College.

Regís Behmo – Operator & Core Community Representative

VP of Engineering at Edly by Arbisoft

Regís Behmo is a machine learning scientist and open source software engineer. Regís started contributing to the Open edX platform in 2014. As the creator of Tutor and its many extensions, such as Cairn, his job for the past six years has been to make life easier for Open edX administrators. Regís has also been a higher eduction teacher, both offline and online. Once a week, he teaches video game programming to teenage kids, which he enjoys greatly.

This year, Regís has joined Edly as VP of Engineering. The amazing team that he found at Edly by Arbisoft has allowed him to shift his focus from Open edX programming to research and product design. In particular, Regís is currently investigating the potential of AI applied to online and offline learning.

Ignacio Despujol (Nacho)- Instructor Representative

MOOC Initiative Coordinator at UPV

Nacho is the MOOC initiative coordinator of Universitat Politècnica de València, who is a partner of with more than 120 MOOCs and 4,2 million enrollments and a local instance of the Open edX platform for more local courses and first runs of the edX courses, which they have been using since 2014. With it, they have done several experiments, creating XBlocks and other developments that they have presented in several Open edX conferences.

Nacho was appointed as one of the initial TOC community members, where he participated in the strategy-setting meetings held during the year, and collaborated with Xavier Antoviaque in the development of the election process for TOC community members.

Nacho is also leading the initiative of several universities from Spain to expand the Open edX platform with 500,000 euros of European Union funding, a project that he presented to the community at the Lisboa Open edX conference. Following this line, Nacho is one of the founding members of the “Open edX for Campus use” working group, to keep the project aligned with the broader community and make the Open edX platform one of the best on-campus LMSs.

Nacho is a core contributor, trying to bring the platform operator’s point of view to the developing community.

Xavier Antoviaque – User/Learner Representative

Founder and CEO of OpenCraft

Xavier Antoviaque is an Open edX developer and contributor. He is also the founder of OpenCraft, which is the largest contributing organization to Open edX besides edX/2U, as a provider of development and hosting services on the Open edX platform. The projects and clients involve many key actors of the Open edX community, including Harvard, MIT, edX/2U, ASU, UBC, Cloudera, as well as state projects like the ones initiated by France and Israel. He is a long-time contributor of free software communities: he co-created the free software game Card Stories, initiated the campaign, and is a former board member of April, the main free software advocacy organization in France.