The edX HackathonToday our engineering team kicks off our 9th edX Hackathon! This is an opportunity for edX employees to work on edX and Open edX projects outside of our typical responsibilities and commitments.

EdX engineers and non-engineers alike will dedicate the next two days to special projects including:

  • Update Django
  • Student Activity Dashboard: Create visual to indicate student progress as they progress through the course
  • Video Caption Project:
  • Update Documentation Bugs: Audit the doc backlog and identify stories that will have immediate value to our audiences when fixed. Make corrections and update guides.
  • Evaluate problem types in Studio for accessibility labeling and guidance
  • Update template text in problem and HTML components
  • For a full list of projects, visit our Hackathon wiki.
Want to get involved? Because the edX platform is open source, you can give back to the code that helps educate people around the world. Read the contributing documentation. — New to programming? The edX Byte-Sized Bug list is a great place to start.

Follow @OpenedX on Twitter for #edXhackathon updates.

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