EdX has just released the newest version of the edX Platform on edx.org and edX Edge. This release includes the following changes.

  • Learners and course team members can now add personal profiles. Personal profiles, which are optional, can include an image and a biographical statement, and are accessible through the course discussions.
  • Learners and course team members can now keep their edX account information up to date on the new Account Settings page. On this page, account holders can update their email addresses, passwords, and demographic information including level of education.
  • When a course team member defines a Video Start Time or Video Stop Time in a video component, learners can no longer override those values to watch the entire video file.
  • Course teams can now upload video transcripts for video components in either Simplified Chinese or Traditional Chinese.
  • Several accessibility improvements have been made to Studio and the LMS, including the addition of meaningful title attributes for IFrames and color changes to increase contrast.

In addition, an update to the edX mobile app was recently released. The following features are now available in the edX mobile app on both iPhones and Android smartphones.

  • New visitors can use the edX mobile app to register edX user accounts.
  • New visitors can use an email address or their Google or Facebook accounts to sign up for edX user accounts.
  • Visitors can use the edX mobile app to find and enroll in courses.

For a list of the changes in this and previous releases, see the edX Release Notes.

For this release, the following documentation has been updated. For more information, see the change log in the individual guide.

You can access all of the edX documentation at docs.edx.org