Our team is very excited to announce that we will shortly release improvements for our standard CAPA problems (multiple choice, drop down, etc) within the next 1-2 weeks. At a high level, these improvements will streamline and enhance how screenreader users and keyboard users are able to interact with these key problem types.

As part of this work, we will updating OLX and markdown for CAPA problems, summarized below:

Generic changes that affect all CAPA problems

  • For the question or prompt text, the “label=” OLX attribute will be replaced by a

  • (Optional) Authors sometimes include important, descriptive text in problems. An example might be “Check all that apply!” or “Spelling counts!”. In OLX, a new, optional element identifies this type of content. In Markdown, you add the description after the question or prompt text within the “>> <<” characters, and you separate the question from the description with two pipe (||) characters. When used, this element or formatting will programmatically associate this descriptive text with the question, ensuring that all learners are able to benefit from the additional information. This example checkbox problem includes an optional description.

  • In OLX, all of the elements for a question will now be enclosed by their respective response types, including the new question text

  • (Optional) For multiple questions within one component, we have created Markdown syntax to separate the questions from each other. The syntax is to add three hyphen (—) characters between the questions. While there is no visual impact on the LMS, this ensures that screen reader users are able to distinguish and address each question. You are welcome to review our draft documentation on how to separate questions within one component.

Checkbox and Multiple Choice Documentation:

If your team would like to preview the upcoming changes to the OLX, we’ve included links to the current and new draft documentation for checkbox and multiple choice problems as an example.