Join the next Open edX Meetup and discover the latest version of the Open edX DemoX course, designed to demonstrate best practices in learning while leveraging the Open edX LMS (register here):

John Swope, Founder of, an Open edX Partner, will share a demonstration of the latest DemoX course. It has been 10 years since the original DemoX was built and packaged with the Open edX LMS. Ten years later, how do we want to portray the Open edX LMS for the next generation of users? What has changed about how the platform is used? What is the purpose of an Open edX Demo course in 2024? And, for experienced Open edX users, we’ll share some of the sample blocks that you can re-use in your own courses.

Meet the Open Open edX Technical Oversight (TOC):

The Open edX Technical Oversight Committee is responsible for governing the overall technical direction and stewardship of the Open edX project. We recently elected three new community members to represent the TOC for the 2024 term, who will introduce themselves, during the meetup, and elaborate on the biggest opportunities for the Open edX platform in the next year and how they plan to be involved in helping the Open edX LMS realize its potential. Additionally, we will present the history of the TOC and review its current activities, recent discussions and decisions.

Please register for the event here. We look forward to your participation!