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The 2024 Open edX Conference will present innovative use cases for one of the world's best open source online learning management systems, the Open edX platform, and discover the latest advancements in instructional design, course constellation, and methods for operating & extending the Open edX platform, including breakthrough technologies, such as generative AI.

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Explore our digital catalog of providers who can help you customize, enhance, and augment your Open edX course.

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Meet the Open edX Marketplace

The Open edX Marketplace is a digital catalog of wide range of Open edX providers. Providers are grouped according to skillset, market segment, language, and location, allowing you to find the perfect partner for your specific set of needs.

Whether you’re looking for assistance with installation, hosting, platform customizations, course development, or 3rd party services, our Marketplace has the provider for you.

Installation & Hosting

Get your Open edX Platform up & running in minutes! Our installation & hosting providers will assist your organization in the configuration of the Open edX platform, offering both SaaS alternatives or hosting the platform on premises..

Platform Customizations

Expand your Open edX instance through integrations, extensions, custom branding, and design enhancements with the help of our Platform Customization Providers!

Course Development

Need help in developing a course to maximize its pedagogical impact? Our Course Development Providers will do just that!

3rd Party Services

Expand the Open edX platform beyond its core. Our listed 3rd Party Services Providers can assist your organization in adding integrations/extensions, such as analytics dashboards, e-commerce solutions, collaborative learning enhancement tools, assessment tools, gamification features, and much more!

Content Providers

Our content providers will provide you with existing course libraries, covering an array of learning subjects, so that you will not need to develop courses independently.

Mobile Application

Access a list of Open edX providers who can assist you with the development of a mobile application to conveniently access your Open edX instance on the go.

AI/Personalized Learning Tools

Explore AI/emerging technology solutions from our Providers to integrate personalized learning tools and/or content creation tools into your Open edX LMS!

Explore the Marketplace

Ready to take your course to the next level but don’t have the know-how? Or perhaps you simply need an extra set of hands. Either way, our catalog of service and technology providers will help steer you in the right direction. Our providers can assist you with customizing, enhancing, or otherwise augmenting your course to provide your learners with a fuller learning experience.