Our company has vast expertise in working with clients from the
educational sector. We have the knowledge and expertise to build
modernized, interactive, and efficient learning paths which cater to the
diverse needs of our clients, including universities, academies, NGOs,
research institutes, manufactures and retail organizations.

We are a digital market leader, providing the perfect blend of
technology and learning experience to our clients due to our innovative
design and development services. Furthermore, we offer implementation
and support services to guarantee your success and impact as educational

Based in Germany, we are an international team,  working in
close contact with the clients throughout the whole project: from
conception, development to implementation, including design and course
development strategies.
Our expertise:

– Software consulting
– Development of online learning solutions for all organizations
– Creative web design
– Progress tracking and reporting
– Hosting (hosted in the cloud or self-hosted), security and management
– Staff and course authors training, technical knowledge transfer and
course development in English, German, Italian and Spanish