3 Global Locations: USA (NY), India (Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi) and U.A.E. (DUBAI)
200+ Team
5+ Years of experience on Open edX
10+ Years of experience in Software Development
52+ Open edX implementations done in Universities and Corporate from worldwide

Open edX Services:
1. Platform customization: white label, theme creation, localization, certificate design, Custom Reports, SSO, Learning Path, Programs, Micro Masters, Payment Gateway, Third party integrations, Integration of edX for Business with Open edX (Course Discovery and SSO), Microsites, Multilingual, Integration with Microsoft Office365, Google Suite and many more
2. Development of XBlocks (plugins) and new platform features. Creation of course-specific components.
3. SaaS Based Platform offering
4. Mobile App: Implementation & Customization of iOS and Android App
5. Consulting & Support: 24/7 support & technical assistance, content creation, video production, training & marketing, R&D and analytics
6. Upgrade & Migration: Upgrade & migrate to latest Open edX releases.
7. Installation and deployment to AWS, Azure, Google Cloud, Digital Ocean, Alibaba Cloud and others.
8. References/Clients: Details are available upon request.